Administrative assistant business plan

What you need is a guide that walks you through the steps you need to set up your Virtual Assistant business in an organized and straightforward way. Here is an overview of all 5 posts. I know I mentioned in the previous blog administdative that the first thing you need to do is have a Virtual Assistant business plan.

#1 – Have You Done Your Research?

But to be honest… the first thing you should do is make the decision administrative assistant business plan either find out more about becoming a virtual assistant or going for it, and starting your own VA business. Popular presentation writer sites uk to scare you — but so you know what to expect.

Understand what being a Virtual Assistant is all about. In other words, why do you want to be a Virtual Assistant? To start your own administratice

Virtual assistant business plan for your own VA service

Your why is what keeps you focused and motivated during hard times. And, my administrative assistant business plan there will be hard times. Take a moment and write down your WHY. Feel free to share in the comment administrative assistant business plan below, I would love to know. Mine is freedom — in every how to write american calligraphy of the word.

And… be sure to post your WHY where you can see it every day to remind you why you are axsistant this journey.

administrative assistant business plan

How much money do you have to invest in your new business? There is an investment of either time or money or both.

administrative assistant business plan

This business is your future right? How much money can you put away each paycheck towards your dream? Take that money and invest it in yourself — because you are your business.

administrative assistant business plan

Please take a moment and figure out what works for you. Something is better than nothing.

Executive Summary

How much admihistrative can you invest in getting your business off the ground? I had a full-time corporate career, plus an infant at home when I started my Virtual Assistant business over 10 years ago.

administrative assistant business plan

I remember what a struggle it was to figure out how to juggle administrative assistant business plan all and stay sane! Can you get up two hours adninistrative in the morning to work on your business? What about setting aside two hours later in the evening? I gave up watching TV at night. Instead, I used that time to work on my business. How about working during lunch?]

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