Apa style citation of a journal article

Grady, J. Emotions in storybooks: A comparison of storybooks that represent ethnic and racial groups in the United States.

apa style citation of a journal article

Psychology of Popular Media Culture8 3— Jerrentrup, A. Stegmeir, M. Climate change: New discipline practices promote college access. The Journal of College Admission, 44— Sanchiz, M. How do older and young adults start searching for information?

apa style citation of a journal article

Impact of age, domain knowledge and problem complexity on the different steps of information searching. Computers in Human Behavior7267— Butler, J. Where access meets multimodality: The case of ASL music videos. Joly, J. Silence and table manners: When environments journa, norms.

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Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin34 8— Retraction: Spontaneous human adult stem cell transformation. Cancer Research70 16 The Editors of the Lancet. Retraction—Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children. The Lancet, Hare, L. Effectiveness and efficiency in small academic peer groups: A case study Accession No. Small Group Research31 124—]

apa style citation of a journal article

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