Book report on lupita manana

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Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. Lupita is a thirteen-year-old, skinny girl, with a brother, Salvador, a few years booo than her. This story is an unrealistic,boring book report on lupita manana about Lupita and Salvador being put in a situation where they desperately need to cross the border from Mexico book report on lupita manana America.

One example of an unrealistic scene would be when Lupita and Repogt hid from anyone who might turn them in to la migra in a hopper car and all of the train cars were checked except for their hopper car. This was unrealistic because all of the train cars would have been checked at this point in time.

book report on lupita manana

Also, it was unrealistic when one of book report on lupita manana railroad workers caught Lupita and Salvador and he helped them rather than turning them in to la migra.

An example of something that was boring was that the book became very predictable because chapter after chapter ended on a cliff hanger and then was positively resolved in the next chapter.

book report on lupita manana

This scene was boring because it kept dragging on and on. All of this shows why this book was unrealistic and boring. This book was like a desperate fisher; it never caught me, and I just got farther and farther away from the line as book report on lupita manana book went.

The entire story was just slow and an unexpected fantasy which really upset me. I would not recommend this book to anyone and if you are interested in this topic then you should look in to other books.

book report on lupita manana

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book report on lupita manana

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Lupita Manana

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