Business plan for road construction company

I played a lot of touch football when I was around 10 years old.

business plan for road construction company

Eight of us neighborhood boys would gather at our local park and choose teams. Then, the two teams would line up across from each other, agree on the rules and get ready to start the game. After a coin toss, one team would kick off to the opponent.

business plan for road construction company

The receiving team would have the fastest player catch the ball and run down the field as far as he could without being tackled. Then, the offensive team huddled to decide their play for the next down. Plqn quarterback usually called the plays, even though he wasn't always the smartest player on the team.

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He was usually the one who was the tallest, fastest or had the best arm. Obviously, there wasn't a playbook, nor did the teams have time research papers in financial services practice their game plan. Before each down, the inexperienced quarterback gathered his team in a huddle and called plays based on what he thought would work and would surprise the opponent.

The players were also loosely told what position to play, who would run which way, whose job it was to block and where they dor to business plan for road construction company a very good strategy for a winning outcome.

business plan for road construction company

Think about starting your construction company. Is your business strategy better than a neighborhood football game? Do you huddle up before every decision? Do you tell your players what to do before every project? Do they know what to do based on written systems and strategies from your company comapny A professional football team is a good model to copy for small business owners.

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Professional teams have written strategies for every season constrcution each game. They also have written plays designed to work in every situation they encounter.

Do you? Unless you want to run your company like a young, inexperienced quarterback, you need a winning playbook to follow.

When starting a construction company, what needs to be in your business plan?

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A professional team must have all the bases covered to put a winning team on the field and make as much money as possible. Where should you start to draft a winning game busines Sit down with your key managers and take time to discuss why you are in this business and why you own your own company.

business plan for road construction company

This exercise will get you focused on the real reason you go to work everyday.]

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