Business plan of avon company

Avon library is a technology driven business project that offers library services to the Avon community. However, it relies on old technology and the need to integrate new technologies comes with a host of benefits.

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Among them is real time information access and retrieval, access to various collections that can be accessed freely, a flexible system that can be business plan of avon company by different people of different age immigration attorney resume sample, and provides the important link between the community pf the global community.

To achieve that, the business plan outlines a number of objectives to achieve among them being to facilitate thinking and integration of the community to meet the standards of evolving communications technology. Businrss action plans have been outlined on achieving all these.

business plan of avon company

Through the provision of these services, Avon intends to create a wide market for selling a wide variety of software products, data services, and other data processing services. This will be done under the leadership of well qualified personnel. One of the objectives business plan of avon company this business plan is to provide library development technology guidelines for the Avon business plan of avon company for the next five years.

Another objective is to facilitate thinking in the line of technological needs of the Avon community, provide a budget driven framework planning for the next five years, and provide a basis for the integration of technology and the expansion of services provision for the community in addition to meeting the set standards for discount offers in telecommunications.

The Avon library will become a state of the art information hub for the community and best article ghostwriters website for university a model project that can be modeled elsewhere. The library will exploit modern internet library technologies for efficient and real time access to services.

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To achieve this, the library intends to provide the following service:. The company has networked 45 desktop computers and a laptop which constitutes 25 public workstation and 20 staff workstations comlany within the community.

business plan of avon company

The purpose of the 20 staff workstations is to provide services for placing queries online and other information related to library services. A T-1 line provides telecommunication connections for all members who subscribe to these library services.


On the other business plan of avon company, the library has its buainess website besides the intranet services it offers the residents of Avon. A log management system provides services for mapping events that happen within the community and access to the library system. In addition to all these, telephone services are provided by the mid- interstate telecommunications company.

In the course of construction and expansion, various issues need to be addressed in the process. These issues include:. Business plan of avon company technology plan incorporates areas that could be influenced through the integration of technology into the library system.

Such integration could see the aovn meet various goals identified and discussed below. The goal is to reach a wider community in the usage of technology for accessing library services.

business plan of avon company

The goal is to maintain appropriate network infrastructure that provides real time services and to ensure the network provides prompt network connections once an individual has logged business plan of avon company the system. To achieve these, the following serves as the action plan for the business setting.

The goal ccsd homework help the provision of wireless services is to ensure the library integrates and enjoys the use of a wireless service to meet the digital communication needs for the community.

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To that end, the action plan entails the following. The goal of these telecommunication services is to ensure real time communication services and improved data and information transfer rates. An evaluation of the status of the current telecommunication system reveals that only three phone lines currently business plan of avon company example conceptual framework in research proposal library access services.

The goal is to busjness the busihess website is user friendly, accepts regular postings, is interactive, and provides real time access to dynamically changing information.]

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