Emu farming business plan

This is a brief article on starting an emu farm which explains the economical and social aspects that are involved in this business.

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In emu farming business plan article, I have tried to give you a small picturization of the business which I have gathered from different emu farms and of course, the internet. Business: Maintaining an emu farm. Business type: Poultry farming. Basic requirements: Land, water, buainess, emu chicks.

Why start an emu? Emu is not only famous for its meat but is also famous for its oil, eggs, skin, feathers.

emu farming business plan

The emu meat contains less cholesterol and is ideal for a healthy diet. The oil, on the other hand, has a lot of medical applications. How to start a small emu farm?

emu farming business plan

Since emu grows up to 6. It is easy to find merchants online these days. Make sure your chicks are vaccinated. A normal emu farm needs at least chicks to turn this business into a profit.

emu farming business plan

We will talk about the cost of feeding later in this article. Selling emu chicks is also a crucial part of the farming.

This adds an extra income for your business.

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Investment I will try to give you a rough sketch of the economic part of the business as it varies from place to place. Although the industry dropped to its lowest production init is ever recovering with a greater speed, thanks to the bigger hotel chains including emu meat on their menu.

You can now calculate emu farming business plan total initial cost just by emu farming business plan the expenses of the infrastructure. Income Before jumping into the income section, I cause and effect college essays to warn you that emu farming is nothing like chicken farming when it comes to marketing.

The primary income in chicken farming is producing eggs.


In emu farming, emi emu farming business plan income comes from selling chicks, oil, and meat. A single grown Emu produces 20 to 35 Kg of edible meat. But, most of the farmers directly sell them to the interested buyers.]

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