Film sample business plan

Generally, the first step to completing a film and exploiting it in the domestic and international markets is raising financing.


Saample movie proposal or investor deck that seeks to raise money from private investors, private equity groups and venture capitalists VCswill, in general, have to be supported by a good business plan. All the research and financial data involved in creating your business plan will be used to provide all the information you need in a pitch deck, film sample business plan finance plan, prospectus and even in the private placement memorandum PPM sampel you are using one.

film sample business plan

Often a film sample business plan plan may contain revelations or confidential information that the producer wishes to protect until the movie is filk and available to the public. In order to insure that potential investors or other third parties do not reveal the secrets, the business plan may include a confidentiality agreement, requiring that the potential recipient promise not to reveal any of the information given to them or contained in the plan.

film sample business plan

This focuses on why the film project should be made: it has the best chance to make a profit, the filmmaker has a unique insight into the subject matter that no one has heard before, film sample business plan different ways the project can earn revenues, any niche audiences the film can target, the size of the market and how the producer plans to access it. Sometimes money well spent, even before funding is in place, is to hire legal and creative representation, a line producer and a good casting director.

Production counsel will draft or review contracts and advise you in both the creative and the business aspects of development, production, film sample business plan licensing, distribution and ancillary exploitation transactions. A line producer creates the budget.

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A casting director is helpful so you can cast and raise funding simultaneously. This is helpful when you need a name actor to raise the money and the money to attach the actor.

This shows how the producer plans to build an film sample business plan around the film and drive significant revenue. For example, use of social media including twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, etc.

Feature Film business Plan Template

This clearly communicates film sample business plan realistic distribution strategy for how you plan to generate revenue on your film. Avoid using template-like business plans. It says if you will be going the route of traditional or non-traditional distribution, self-distribution, independent plaj, studio or network. It says what platforms you will use to land a good distribution deal, such as, aggregators, film festival premier, film market, big theatrical exhibitors, small art house cinemas, broadcasters or cable networks.

The budget will dictate if a self-distribution route is right for your project.

film sample business plan

Obviously, self-distribution is not easy. For example, if your movie audience is faith-based, religious, LGBT, or a college campus, traditional theater exhibitors may not be able to promote within those communities as well as the filmmaker who has created a work geared toward that particular audience. Self-distribution includes:.

film sample business plan

Foreign — DIY international sales will be costlier and will require more time and effort than setting up a basic domestic self-distribution plan. VOD — As film and digital are converging, there is increasingly more creative freedom for online content distribution. Home Video — This is also known as direct-to-consumer. It includes physical Film sample business plan sales or digital download on your website.]

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