Market and competition business plan

Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher and military strategist, famously said: "If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of battles. We asked the experts for their advice on how to write the 'marketing and competitors' part of a plan:.

market and competition business plan

Once you know your target audience you'll know how to market your business in a way that speaks to them. If you're looking to raise funds then you must be able to demonstrate this knowledge to your potential investors.

market and competition business plan

Without mar,et you won't convince them that your business idea is worth supporting. Familiarise yourself with your target audience — key characteristics, trends and the expected size of your audience. This is also useful when you come to the 'projected sales' section maket your business plan. This part of the business plan is all about who you are going to sell to, reflections essay writing they need and who else is supplying the same goods or services as you.

When it comes to competitors, one of the most useful tools is to identify the key success factors in your market — for market and competition business plan, price, rapid response, customer feedback — and rank them by importance.

How to write your competitive analysis

Rank how well you're doing or could do on these factors against two or three of your closest competitors. Once you have identified what your key success factors are from the customers' viewpoint, you can go on to identity key performance indicators and measure and competution them.

market and competition business plan

It is simply not enough aand be aware of your competitors, you must get to know them. You should understand their size, profitability and market share, and create a list of their products cheat book report services, pricing structure and how they attract customers. A competitor analysis grid is a good way to identify what makes your products and services unique.

Profile Current Competitors

But it needs compftition be reviewed regularly. Whether it's weekly, monthly or quarterly, the key is to be consistently aware.

Remember markets change all the time, and so will your competitors. New businesses will join your industry and existing businesses will market and competition business plan to changing markets. It is therefore important to treat market and competitor analysis as an ongoing project to be reviewed on a regular basis, allowing you to always stay ahead of the curve.

How to do a market analysis?

First rule — never say you have no competitors. As much as you may feel you are completely unique, there will be people out there doing something similar.

market and competition business plan

This is your opportunity to not only highlight who these competitors are, but also explain why your product or service is superior to theirs. In fact, plqn your competitors is far more beneficial to you at this point, because it is another opportunity to boast about your expertise. After you have identified your direct and indirect rivals, you need to be clear about who your target audience market and competition business plan

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