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Based on the concepts gusiness in ChaptersChapter 4 begins examining how an Asset Sustainability Index could be built using existing U. The index as proposed in this report is a composite of pavement, bridge and maintenance condition data.

ohio dot business plan

This chapter begins the analysis by examining the pavement component of the index, which would be a Pavement Sustainability Ratio. This example uses pavement condition and expenditure data from the Ohio, Utah and Minnesota Departments of Transportation.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The Ohio Department of Transportation ODOT produces annual and multi-year reports that illustrate past, current and projected future pavement conditions.

The long timeframe of the Ohio DOT reporting is intended to complement its ohio dot business plan policy of businwss infrastructure preservation as the central focus of its long-term budgeting. Ohio dot business plan phrases for this emphasis have changed over the years with such terms as sustaining a "steady state" of acceptable infrastructure conditions to a "fix it first" approach.

ohio dot business plan

The policy approach ohio dot business plan been supported by a reporting process that keeps the agency focused on ensuring that its capital budgeting process, its project-selection decisions ouio its maintenance practices work in concert to achieve stable, long-term infrastructure conditions within the constraints of available revenue.

Inherent in the ODOT infrastructure-management process is a long planning horizon.

Aviation Consumer Protection

As seen in Figure 17 above, the agency looks at a nearly year timeframe. The past years provide a trend line of investment levels and resulting infrastructure conditions that yield a solid analytical baseline for future forecasts.

By extrapolating from a long trend line, the agency builds confidence in its pavement deterioration curves and other inputs for its forecasts of future ohio dot business plan.

ohio dot business plan

By looking at least a decade into the future for many of its major system elements such as ppan and Priority System pavements, it keeps the ohio dot business plan focused upon substantive planning to ensure steady, long-term conditions.

As seen in Figures 17 and 18, the agency has raised the target for Priority System pavement conditions from 90 dpt acceptable to 95 percent. As seen in Figures 17 and 18, the agency has steadily surpassed its system condition goals for its Priority System.]

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