Sample of a medical practice business plan

sample of a medical practice business plan

You probably have many good reasons to open a private practice. Private practices can be lucrative, although it requires you to spend time building relationships with patients while also sample of a medical practice business plan to all business processes that are part of running your practice. Maybe you plna more autonomy over your practice and your workflow. Or maybe you hope to expand your services to underserved areas or specific populations based on your expertise.

sample of a medical practice business plan

There are a few different types of business plansdepending on how you intend to use it. They tend to be lengthier and more detailed. A Lean Business Plan might be a better fit if you simply need to think through all the different aspects of your business.

Why Start a Medical Clinic and Practice?

A Lean Plan will be shorter, and it lends itself to quick revisions, but both types follow the same general outline. In the medical field, this Lean Plan idea is also sometimes called a proforma, though a proforma sometimes refers specifically to the financial part sample of a medical practice business plan the plan. You should go into this thinking about your business plan as a living document, not something you do once and then file away forever.

Use it as a tool, especially around your financials.

Position your practice’s business opportunity

Revisit and update it regularly by comparing your forecasts to your actuals and adjusting as necessary. To help you get started, you can download our free traditional business plan template or our Lean Plan template.

sample of a medical practice business plan

The first section that will appear in your business plan is the executive summary. Executive summaries are short—keep it to one to two pages. Do not neglect it; just write it last.

sample of a medical practice business plan

This section area should describe the services you provide and how they benefit your patients. The sample of a medical practice business plan : There is a lack of affordable pediatric and gynecological care available in coastal areas of Lane County, Oregon.

Many patients have to travel miles to the closest practice. The solution : Dr. Gardner plans to open Ocean Lane Outpatient Care to serve smaller Oregon coastal communities scattered outside of major towns with major hospitals.


Due to her focus on pediatric and gynecological care, Dr. The services section identifies what kind of medical practice you are opening. Restate who your practice serves and what kind of services you specialize in. Talk about how your practice approaches treatment and what goals you have in addition to providing quality care. Include a breakdown of all services furnished by the clinic, being as granular as possible.

For example:. Next, talk about your ideal patients.]

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