Silk screen printing business plan

Have you ever wondered how to start a screen-printing business? Forrest took the time to explain they started The Foundry. The first step in the process of starting a business plan sales plan printing shop is to research to determine whether a print shop is right for you.

Screen printers can make great money, but every business owner has a different mindset. You may want to run a store focused on printng specific silk screen printing business plan, such as company t-shirts, one that caters to everyone, or you may want a warehouse where you focus on e-commerce.

A Sample Screen Printing Service Business Plan Template

The Foundry focuses on printing, embroidery, and selling custom garments. Forrest told us:.

silk screen printing business plan

Many consumers start their shopping experience online, so a shop that can sell clothing in person or online is recommended to start your clothing line. This is the type of printing Forrest does. Printers focus on printing for specific brands.

silk screen printing business plan

A business plan using this model typically focuses on a niche market to satisfy their needs and may expand into silk screen printing business plan markets later while maintaining the same brand. A franchise is just a business that has already developed a reputation and business processes. Franchises also help you with aspects like marketing, sales, and sourcing equipment. To learn more professional phd admission essay help starting a franchise printing company, check out our blog about Big Frog.

Printers that operate this way are commonly in malls and have shops that focus on retail customers that have small order sizes.


With the rise of eCommerce, this part of the industry is hurting. Closures of retail stores have been increasing for at least the last 3 silk screen printing business plan according to Moneywise. This business model works with franchisees and stores that run a tight ship. That is comparable to what Forrest told us about his costs:. Many clothing companies, print-on-demand companies, or other e-commerce businesses hire a printer to press and ship the clothing their customers order from their website.

Printers can make great money doing this because they will typically get an additional payment for handling the shipping. The next step is learning how to start screen-printing.

silk screen printing business plan

Some of the skills you might need include:. T-shirt designs will typically be designed using digital software, like Photoshop or Illustrator.

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Adobe has a ton of tutorials on how to use both. If you want to avoid this step, there are other types of printers.

silk screen printing business plan

This equipment allows you to go straight from design to print. The next skill you need to develop is familiarity with the technology aspect of the industry. The technology falls into two categories:. Otherwise, you should research print-on-demand companies like Printful.]

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