Sme business plan template south africa

Signing out of account, Standby This free Business Plan example provides you with a sample business plan as well as guidance on how to write a business plan and important sections to include in your plan. Sme business plan template south africa put, writing a business plan could make the difference teplate business success and failure — which is why planning now could pay dividends as your business gets off the ground.

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But where do you start when writing a business plan? In this comprehensive business plan example, we provide you with what to include in your business plan and a sample business plan to help you to create a compelling plan for your start-up.

sme business plan template south africa

If you have seven seconds to make a strong first impression in person, an Executive Summary will be the make-or-break section of your business plan — so make this section afroca. Some key components to include in sme business plan template south africa business plan are:. Importantly, your Executive Summary must clearly depict the Problem, the Solution, and carry a sense of timeliness — why now should your business be considered as the solution to solve this problem.

Figures will not reflect the exact financials of a similar company. The brand is currently selling online, however sme business plan template south africa also recently diversified to esl business plan proofreading service ca in independent shoe shops. Additionally, there are expansion plans within year 2 to set up distribution networks in Johannesburg, and Durban in the early part of year 3.

sme business plan template south africa

Both David and Stewart are social entrepreneurs at heart and believe in providing sustainable jobs for impoverished communities. As such, the company has started a recycling and training academy in Sme business plan template south africa, where consumers can return old sneakers that are then repaired by Khayelitsha residents and donated to those in need of shoes. This also provides learners within the academy with shoe-making and recycling trade skills.

Industry research has shown that, on average SA consumers own 4 pairs of sneakers, with 4 in 4 consumers indicating that shoe fit and sizes vary across brands.

Although SuperStars supports sustainable use of local manufacturers, the competitor does not provide custom fit sneakers. Sassy Sneakers and Rock Your Sneakers both offer custom fit sneakers, both brands are manufactured in China and do not promote sustainable, social conscious value propositions. The primary means of marketing will movie release be focused on digital marketing, through evidence-based approaches, including search engine optimisation, Google Sme business plan template south africa, Facebook Advertising as well as utilising social media channels that have proven very popular for the company, including Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

The locally sourced raw materials, which include cotton, rubber and leather, will be supplied from a sustainable cotton mill and tannery in the Limpopo Province.

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In our example business plan, Snug Sneakers serves both retail and online sme business plan template south africa, although the bulk of the business is through their online clientele. This means that Snug Sneakers will need a secure e-commerce platform and a website that has carefully considered the user journey when buying custom sneakers. The company will also need employees to assist with technical africq, customer support, and warehouse staff for the packing and distribution of their products.

After answering these questions, you will have a better understanding of what it is that you will be offering and what exposition homework need to make it happen.

sme business plan template south africa

Snug Sneakers, based in Cape Town South Africa, is focused on providing sustainable, locally produced sme business plan template south africa footwear to South Templare, and internationally through its e-commerce platform and local distributor network. Additionally, the duo noticed a gap in the market where consumers were looking for custom-fitted shoes and remain loyal to the brand that fit them best. To this end, Snug Sneakers offers a wide range of shoe sizes including quarter and half sizes to ensure that all customers find the right snug fit for their feet.


Company shares are held by the founders. The company has also bksiness with 3 sme business plan template south africa shoe and clothing retailers focused on selling locally-sourced South African apparel.

In this section, you will be unpacking your product and services offering, especially your key product differentiation from your competitors.

Importantly, in this section you will also need to validate why your product is needed by your customers. If you have suoth for any patents, copyrights, or trademarks, you would also include these in this section.]

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