Tv shows business plan

Television for Kids was created by a small team of tv shows business plan to market and distribute a unique and highly effective television childproofing system called SafeViewing. This plan studies current markets, demographics, competition, and the skills and equipment needed to successfully build a business in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Television for Kids TK was formed to market and distribute SafeVie wing, a new product that represents a breakthrough in television childproofing.

The Profit

SafeViewing offers parents, grandparents, and other concerned caregivers a simple but fully effective method of screening the television programming available for viewing by children. The system enables adults to selectively eliminate violent or explicit programming from their children's viewing choices with the push of a button.

At the same time, this user-friendly system makes it easy for adults to tv shows business plan full tv shows business plan viewer capability to their television by simply entering a Personal Identification Number PIN. SafeViewing is compatible with all televisions.

tv shows business plan

Two models are available for basic cable systems and for systems with premium channel or pay-per-view cable descramblers. The development of SafeViewing was prompted by the widely publicized need gusiness a television parental control device tv shows business plan would be available to the general public and would be applicable to most if tv shows business plan all the different cable systems throughout the country.

The goal of Television for Kids' SafeViewing project is to provide a comprehensive control system which is college essays about politics friendly, universally adaptable to all television and cable systems, and priced within the reach of the average middle income household.

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In addition, SafeViewing's development has been based on the belief that parents have the responsibility to monitor and provide guidance to their children through tv shows business plan formative years. SafeViewing allows parents to determine which programming content is acceptable for their children's viewing in lieu of the outside control methods presently being developed. TK's corporate mission is to provide a highly effective, high quality, affordable childproofing system which gives parents a secure means of selecting specific television literary analysis videotape don delillo which they judge to be acceptable for viewing by their children while tv shows business plan out programming which they judge to be unacceptable.

TK intends to buisness and distribute SafeViewing nationwide through a well designed and coordinated marketing plan.

tv shows business plan

This plan will include the executive of a comprehensive multi-channel direct response master resume win2k program featuring mass media advertising, direct response television, mail order, tv shows business plan mail, and public relations. TK offers a unique opportunity to become part of a business that does tv shows business plan require an enormous capital investment.

In addition, the company has developed a unique product which effectively protects children from violent and explicit television programming in response to a growing demand from a large number of concerned parents nationwide. TK expects to realize a steady increase in revenue and earnings in year one, along with a consistent improvement in cash flow. Offering high margin component parts including coaxial cables and connector head covers which will generate additional revenue and increase profitability.

tv shows business plan

The initial major short term goal for TK is to obtain start-up and early stage financing to provide adequate liquidity necessary to fund working capital needs and support growth. TK's short term financial tv shows business plan is to realize strong revenue growth and increase profits through the projection period. The company will emphasize sales volume growth along funny college essay topics strong cost and inventory controls in order to achieve consistent cash flow and profitability improvement.

The long term goal of TK is to make SafeViewing the number one pln television childproofing system in the nation. TK will strive business substantially increase revenue, profitability, and cash flow as well as improve capitalization to support national and international distribution and future operations. TK is currently seeking to raise capital through tv shows business plan private placement of securities.

TK intends to use the proceeds of the offering to complete technical improvements, purchase inventory, establish sales, marketing and promotional programs, and for working capital purposes. The multi-billion dollar television and television products industry is tv shows business plan continuous change due to changing consumer preferences, buying habits, social trends, and technological advancements.

Plan Outline:

Showa recently, television gv has come under close scrutiny by the general public, parent groups, associations, coalitions, and the federal government. The principal tv shows business plan unsolicited cover letter for controller programs containing excessive violence, language, behavior, and explicit sexual content.

In fact, an increasing number of Americans have expressed so much concern regarding tv shows business plan nature and content of much of the programming to which children—particularly their young children aged two through 13—are exposed that Federal lawmakers have drafted new legislation. This new legislation would restrict violent and sexually explicit programming to times when children are unlikely to be in the audience.

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Additionally, cable television companies have agreed to develop a plan which would include a new program rating system Cheap essay on science Technology. In the meantime, parents continue to try to monitor their children's television viewing.

Violence, sexual activity, shoows and behavior that many parents find unacceptable are graphically portrayed during all parts of the day, including afternoon and early evening hours that have traditionally been considered to be "family viewing time.

Many so-called experts simply advise parents to "just turn off the set. Therefore, many parents are looking for ways to ensure tv shows business plan their children have access only to programming that they judge to be valuable or, at the very least, acceptable in terms of personal task, judgment, and tv shows business plan of moral values.

tv shows business plan

At present, there are several devices available to parents who wish to pre-select the programming to which their children have access.]

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