College essay words to use

2. In other words

Updated: Sep 26, Is your college essay over the word count? Do you need space to add just a couple more key sentences? Use collegr tips to reduce words and strengthen your writing. Do they enhance your story?

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Or are they redundant? He screamed loudly becomes He screamed.

college essay words to use

Is there a better way to write it? He ran quickly becomes He raced.

Follow these pre-application steps to help your student stay on track for admissions success.

She ran quickly becomes She sprinted. When appropriate, revise or delete adverbs. You do not need to remove every adverb, but limiting them approximately one to every words will strengthen your writing.

Writers often use adjectives to beef up their nouns.

college essay words to use

Instead, use stronger nouns. A difficult problem becomes a quandary.

college essay words to use

A huge hill becomes a mountain. Look for a single word or short phrase followed by a comma.

college essay words to use

These include because of this, in fact, first, last, hopefully, to be frank, quite frankly and in conclusion. Highlight the words or phrases, then read the sentences without them.]

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