Degree planning rationale essay

These samples are drafts only; they are not in final form.

Sample DP & Rationale Essay Draft for Analysis

There may be some issues in the dp and rationale that need to be addressed. You may want to ask the following questions as you analyze this draft:.

degree planning rationale essay

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degree planning rationale essay

Search for:. Does the rationale essay clearly set the context for understanding the degree by discussing goals, and do they show how the degree will actually help Jerry achieve thesis statement paragraph examples goals?

Does the degree have an plxnning design that is addressed implicitly in the degree planning rationale essay of components in the degree plan and explicitly in the essay?

As part of this discussion, does the rationale essay address progression, integration, and breadth?


What evidence does the essay degree planning rationale essay to support how academic and professional expectations are addressed? Is ratioonale essay well-written with 1 a beginning, middle, and end; 2 clear and correct language; and 3 documentation as needed? As a member of an academic review committee, what other questions would you raise, if any, given what the guidelines state and what Jerry offers?

degree planning rationale essay

What feedback would you provide to Jerry? Licenses and Attributions. CC licensed content, Original.]

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