Good college essays about death

Please enter the email address that you xbout to login to TeenInk. Favorite Quote: "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars". I remember that dreadful day like it happened yesterday.

The whole day seemed off in the first place, my close family members crowded around me in my room.

good college essays about death

The more my family members surrounded me, the more claustrophobic I felt. There were tears rolling down their cheeks like a waterfall. I already knew a swarm of bad news was coming my way.

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Sleep… sleep? Every tear cascaded down my flushed cheeks. We knew it was going to happen soon, college tutor lady from the Hospice Center came to the house and told us about her illness. More tears flowed down my face as I thought about that day; I wish I would have believed her and spent much more time with my mother instead of running away from the problem at good college essays about death. My grandmother got rid of my heart broken family members and picked out my clothes for me; she knew I did not feel like picking out any at the moment.

Everyone was good college essays about death as they walked out of my chilly room, giving me enough time to get dressed before they came back to check up on me. We walked out in unison to the cars to see my momma one last time.


As we pulled up to the Hospice Center, goosebumps appeared all over my body, I never imagined I would have to say goodbye to my mom this early. Every step I took, my heart beat sped up.

good college essays about death

Anticipation swelled up in my body ready to explode. There she lay in her bed.

good college essays about death

The bed was raised slightly to preserve her body for us to be able to see her body for the last time. My knees started to weaken as everyone strolled into her room. I stood from afar, observing what used to be my mother.

good college essays about death

I watched my grandmother struggle to get her eyes close, but the rigor mortis had set in already. Their nurses were so kind to fold her hands. She looked like she was at peace, she was at peace.

I could already feel the tears flowing down my face as I walked in and placed my warm hand on her chilled empty body. Her face seemed like she was at good college essays about death at ease. Her eyes slightly open and mouth hanging down like she normally slept.

She had on her favorite blue gown, I could already sense she was happy communication editing services of that blue gown. Her nails were perfectly done, like she good college essays about death had them.]

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