How to write a letter to a college head coach

how to write a letter to a college head coach

Jason is just one of many former college and professional athletes, college coaches, and parents who are part of the Next College Student Athlete team. But a wrihe email can be the reason you receive a second evaluation and stay top-of-mind with college coaches.

So, putting a little extra effort in writing them is definitely worth it. Keep in mind, you must adapt them to fit your background and interest in the program.

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Knowing how to begin can give you just the boost you need to hit send. Your first step to contacting a college coach is introducing yourself and sending your highlight video. Before you start writing this email, though, you need to do your research.

Personalizing your email is a must for getting a response. You want to become familiar with the roster, academic and athletic requirements, and campus.

how to write a letter to a college head coach

Read more: How to find your best college match. Here are a few things you should always include:. You should explain specifically why this school is a good fit for you.

how to write a letter to a college head coach

I wanted to connect with you because I would love to be part of this competitive team. I was recently named the Gatorade Player of the Year.

How To Write An Interest Email?

I am currently a starter on my AAU basketball team and am a four-year varsity starter for my high school team. I think that my work ethic and talent would be a great match for your program. I have a 3. For the rest of my athletic stats, highlight video, academic stats and personal statement, please visit my online profile at: [link to online recruiting profile].

Can you please let me know if you have any availability to meet with me?

how to write a letter to a college head coach

I will also be calling you tomorrow at 5p. CT to schedule a meeting! Emailing college coaches is never a one and done situation—your follow-up is just as important as your initial email.

College coaches are extremely busy, and they rely on proactive student-athletes. If you want to stay top of mind and give it your best shot, you need to be persistent and continuously reach out to coaches.]

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