How to write a sale pitch

Written by Gabe Larsen. Your sales pitch can make or break the deal, so it's a good idea to have that nailed down before meeting with your customer.

What on earth is an email sales pitch?

It's your opening line, your verbal business how to write a sale pitch, and the first thing your customer will hear when you call or meet with them. I've been in sales for almost 16 years litch have heard my fair share of both great and less-than-stellar pitches.

For this post, I'd like to discuss the anatomy of a good sales pitch and share examples of the best sales pitches I've ever heard.

how to write a sale pitch

A sales pitch is a condensed sales presentation where a salesperson explains the nature and benefits of their business, ideally in less than one or two minutes. Salespeople are past the point of giving prospects hour-long presentations to sell products or services.

What Makes a Good Sales Pitch?

Nobody has that kind of time and, to be honest, if you need an hour to relay your value proposition, you're doing it wrong. They're called elevator pitches for how to write a sale pitch reason. Ideally, if you're giving me one, I should be able to understand what you have to offer in the time it takes to get from the lobby to my floor.

A good salesperson should be able to get their message across compellingly and concisely. If you can nail your sales pitch, odds are you'll have more time to talk down the line. A product pitch is not much different than a sales pitch, but is specifically focused on a product or service. You'll go in-depth and emphasize how your product works, how it will solve their how to write a sale pitch points, and the specific benefits it will bring to your customers.

As an example, a sales pitch can be broadly focused, like if top letter ghostwriting website online a consulting firm that offers a wide range of services.

How to Start a Pitch

You're selling your business as a whole, rather than a specific product or how to write a sale pitch, like a CRM platform or accounting tool. Starting a pitch is arguably the hardest part. Start off a pitch with what you know best — yourself. A lot. And no one cares about results unless they know the problem first. Resume in french translation personal anecdote should focus on a problem that your product can solve.

How on earth can I make my sales pitch sexy?

Oh, yes, the good old question. Asking a question is a highly effective way to start a pitch. The question should, again, focus on the problem. Starting with a stat can be effective — but it has to resonate with the audience and offer stakes.

how to write a sale pitch

In other words, what does the stat have to do with the problem? How does it reflect a potential and critical downfall that could harm your prospect? Use the following tips to secure buy-in in less than three minutes.

how to write a sale pitch

A sales pitch isn't a conventional presentation. You're not going to have PowerPoint slides. You're not going to have complimentary pastries on a boardroom table.

how to write a sale pitch

And, most of all, you're not going to have your audience's time and patience for long — at least not until they're sold on your product. This ties in with the previous point.]

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