How to write an introduction of a proposal

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There are different kinds of proposal letters businesses use to intrigue prospects and close sales. Some proposal letters act wrute an introductory letter to a full proposal. In this kind of letter, businesses identify the main problems their clients are having and speak about the benefits mcc essay their solution.

how to write an introduction of a proposal

The purpose is to capture the attention of the prospects enough so that they will be interested in reading the full proposal. Another kind of proposal letter acts as the proposal itself.

It contains the problems and benefits, in addition to the solution and the next steps.

how to write an introduction of a proposal

In either case, the introduction of your proposal letter needs to provide the reader with enough interesting information that they will arite to read on. The introduction for your proposal letter should start off by giving the reader some context. Your introduction to your proposal letter needs to immediately show your prospects that you understand the challenges they are facing.


This not only exemplifies your expertise in the industry, but it also shows empathy and compassion, which helps prospects to relate to your business. Conduct market research to find out the biggest challenges your target audience is facing which you hr executive resume sample help them with.

Try to be as specific as possible in your proposal. This will help your prospects to self-identify as your potential customer.

how to write an introduction of a proposal

Next, your proposal intro should briefly discuss the benefits of your solution. You can go on to expand on what your business offers in the rest of how to write an introduction of a proposal proposal letter. However, your introductory paragraph should just offer a brief glimpse into what the benefits are. While there may be several benefits of your product or service, try to narrow three things that make your product or service unique.

What sets aa apart from the competition? Alan colquhoun essays in architectural criticism your unique value proposition in your proposal introduction after you have shown the reader that you understand the problems they are facing.

Try to simplify the benefits so they introductoin easy to understand at a glance. Lastly, your proposal introduction should pose questions that your reader may be wondering, so that you can fully answer them in the rest of your letter and the proposal. Hint at the cost or time benefits or discuss the unique delivery methods, for example.

You can also introduce your expert credentials and experience, which you can discuss more in-depth in the proposal. The idea is to let your reader know that you are aware of what information they want to see, and that you will cover it in your proposal. Anam Ahmed is a Toronto-based writer and editor with over a decade of experience helping small businesses and how to write an introduction of a proposal reach new heights.


She has experience ghostwriting and editing business books, especially those in the "For Dummies" series, in addition to writing and editing web content for the brand. Anam works as a marketing strategist how to write an introduction of a proposal copywriter, collaborating with everyone from Fortune companies to start-ups, lifestyle bloggers to professional athletes.

As a small business owner herself, she is well-versed in what it takes how to write old fashioned run and market a small business.

Anam earned an M. Learn more at www. Share It. University of Michigan: Proposal Writer's Guide.]

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