Lab report format college

lab report format college

The purpose of the BU lab program is to both provide a personal experience of the physical principles and also give students practice communicating their findings in a clear, concise manner with easily identifiable objectives, metrics, and results.

All lab reports in the Clllege curriculum should lab report format college written using the same format. Click on any item below for further information concerning lab report format college lab report section. Further information about the use of graphics and avoiding plagiarism are found at the end of this collee.

Writing the Experimental Report: Overview, Introductions, and Literature Reviews

Note that this is a collegd format but that it is not the only format possible for a lab report. We lab report format college selected it because it is clear and concise and will provide consistency across the program. Students should arrive to perform a lab able to describe the goal of the lab and the methods that will be used.

lab report format college

If data sheets are supplied as part of the lab report format college, students collegr bring them to the lab. If there are no data sheets supplied, students should arrive at the lab with a data template they created. Students should also be prepared to complete their spot checks as they perform the lab.

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An example lab report can be accessed here. Lab report format college should include the title of the lab, course number, names of all members of the lab group, and the date on which the lab was performed. Please make this a separate page. This should briefly state in your own words what you are trying lab report format college accomplish and why you are performing the experiment.

Do not simply copy or paraphrase the lab handout. DO NOT write a question. DO NOT re-write the lab handout. Give a synopsis of what you did, why you did it, and major principles you employed to do it.

This should explain the relevant theory that describes the physical principle of the lab.

lab report format college

Equations should be properly numbered in parentheses on the right marginand all variables should be explained in the text. Be sure to properly document any derivations that are appropriate for the lab. Prove you know the concepts lab report format college what you used.

Example of a well-written lab report

Do it briefly, concisely and correctly. You must do a little reading on the topic and put things into your colleye words. Lab report format college variables must be defined. A nomenclature section as an Appendix can be referenced.

Lab Report Format

This should explain the measurement techniques, equipment used, and procedures to be employed in the lab. Lab report format college is almost always desirable to do an analysis of cllege data points in the lab while the experiment is running. This is called a spot check.]

lab report format college

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