Sample writing assignments for college

The Self-Reflection and Final Portfolio assignments are standard across all sections.

sample writing assignments for college

Instructors have flexibility with regard to the other assignments. It must be clear to students that this is not a throw-away, last-minute assignment. Suggested Assignments The assignments in this section are based on the Norton Field Guide to writing.

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With the exception of the final portfolio and self-reflection, these are not required assignments, but please feel free to use them. Rhetorical analysis assignments should be a feature of every sample writing assignments for college and writing assignment you give; it dissertation drucken hardcover a vocabulary and structure for thinking about reading and writing in composition.

How you shape the rhetorical analysis will depend on the specifics of your course. Chapter 10 pages and Literacy Narrative Reflection 1 page. This assignment has multiple purposes.

sample writing assignments for college

It introduces students to research and citation practices and asks them to interpret and summarize the text. Exploratory Essay Reflection pages.

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This assignment can be based on any sample writing assignments for college the chapters listed for Exploratory Essay assignment except for Annotated Bibliographies ; it could also be based on Arguing a Position Chapter This assignment extends the work of the Exploratory Essay. Students will have the opportunity to revise the exploratory essay again after having already revised a first draft and they will be able to develop and express an opinion about their subjects.

sample writing assignments for college

They may also want or you may want them to expand their research. The portfolios will be collected by the first-year writing program, so they must be in a digital format.


The simplest method for students to create the sample writing assignments for college is to collect their body of work into a single. A more comprehensive approach would be to ask students to create a Website using a free site.

If you do this, however, you must be careful to explain and sample writing assignments for college your explanation in writing the available privacy protections. Reflection Assignments brief reflections after every assignment, best best essay ghostwriters service gb to a Self-Reflection essay at the end of the semester.

The goal of the course is for students to reflect on their writing in order to heighten their awareness wriing what they know about writing and to give them a vocabulary for discussing it.

Common Writing Assignments

In sampoe sample writing assignments for college, students should make use of the rhetorical terms introduced in Part 1 to describe their own work. They should also describe how each assignment has helped them to achieve the Course Learning Outcomes. These short reflections will prepare students to write the final self-reflection.

Students should be encouraged and in some cases required to use visuals in their essays and to consider design principles.]

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