Top content writer website for college

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You know you need one. Squarespace makes it super simple to create a site with tons of awesome design templates to choose from. Some of them top content writer website for college done very affordably, too.

Take a look for yourself. This is a good example of a clean, professional freelance writer site built using Wbesite. The page guides the visitor toward conversion with buttons and calls to action placed throughout.

What are you looking for?

Everything about this site is just fantastic. Check out this homepage section that speaks directly to the type of clients the writer can help:.

top content writer website for college

Her website has everything a great writer website should have — clear, compelling messaging up top; a well-defined niche so she attracts the right type of clients; testimonials; a strong portfolio page; professional pictures of her throughout the site; and more.

She even has her own custom logo for her business, which goes a long way to making her top content writer website for college like a legitimate business.

Policies & Resources

If you have more than one skill, check out how Kristi presents herself smoothly as a writer, blogger, and photographer. Love the testimonial right at the top, too. Only thing missing here is a nice shot of her for the home page.

top content writer website for college

First, it has the hero section up top that you see immediately upon landing on her homepage where she clearly lays out exactly what she does. Then, as you scroll down, her portfolio is very heavily featured in an enticing way, quickly establishing credibility with potential clients.

Ending on a good note…

This writer joined the Den top content writer website for college got his site set up. This is a visually pleasant, clean, simple site that gets the job done on a budget. Is it the most stunning writer site out there? Plus, you get a whole writer support organization thrown into the deal. But I did work hard webwite my site a while back, and I do get a lot of nice gigs through it.

top content writer website for college

Seen any good writer websites lately? Leave us a link and tell us why you like the site.

top content writer website for college

These examples annotated with your astute comments are invaluable. I have read so many of your blogs ccollege this is one of my favorites. I am not new to writing, but I am new at trying to make a career out of it.]

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