Write a book with voice recognition

You have a right to disagree with my previous post Writing with Speech Recognition Software. Maybe you can dictate faster than typing. The speed bottleneck is often in your head, not your fingers. I suggest you take all her complaints to heart — which I did in my previous article.

So, why dictate?

Then, try it anyway. It might work for you. For some writers, dictation had better work. Some have physical challenges, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, that make it difficult or impossible to use a keyboard. Others have a different kind of challenge — the words flow when they talk, but dry up when they type.

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Or vice versa. People are different, and for some potential writers, the choice is between dictation and nothing.

write a book with voice recognition

However, some of the greatest authors of past centuries might be confused. Many classics of ancient literature were created purely by talking.

write a book with voice recognition

The Greek poet Homer probably dictated the entire Illiad and Odyssey because, according to tradition, he was blind. The writing process that you lean on today might be unrecognizable to the writers of past ages.

Making the Shift to Writing by Dictation

And not just because Chaucer did not use a computer. Before paper became common in the s, the typical writing wrute was parchment, often made from sheepskin. With every draft, a sheep died. Every revision meant increased cost in materials and labor: buying paper, spending time, paying a secretary.

write a book with voice recognition

So what did writers do when revisions were costly?]

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