Cover letter for recruitment company

No matter what you do for a living, having the right recruiter in your corner can help you land the job of your dreams.

cover letter for recruitment company

In fact, some companies only hire through recruitment agencies. So going through one is your only chance of breaking into the industry.

How Do I Write a Cover Letter to a Recruitment Agency?

Yes, some recruiters work with all job seekers. However, the truth is that the best recruiters with connections to high paying jobs are selective. In the first case, your cover letter will be somewhat more formal, and perhaps compzny cover letter for recruitment company generic since you are not petitioning for a specific position. If you do, however, was invited to apply for a job by a connection, keep your cover letter more personalized and aligned with the scope of positions you are after.

cover letter for recruitment company

Since you cover letter for recruitment company approaching an agency, not a direct employer, it may be hard to determine who will be reviewing your letter.

Compajy tip: You can try email lookup tools such as Voila Norbert to find email addresses, associated with the recruiting agency. Then choose an email, associated with a specific person, and email them directly.

cover letter for recruitment company

If you read our other posts about writing cover cover letter for recruitment companyyou already know that your cover letter is your chance to share your enthusiasm for a particular job and show that you did some research on the employer. With a recruiter, stick with the relevant facts only, and recryitment your letter short.

They want to quickly determine whether they can help you.

How to Respond to a Cancelled Interview

Then, they want to get to work doing just that. Save any information about being a cultural fit, or excited about the opportunity to work for a particular company for later in the process. The more direct you are about your needs and expectations, the better your recruiter can help you.

cover letter for recruitment company

Outline details such as:. No recruiter wants to waste their time on submitting you for jobs that will not interest you. My preference is to accept permanent positions, but I will consider contract to hire.]

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