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Are you a plant nerd? Are you excited about botany? Then, I have a website for you:.

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If you prefer to watch videos instead of reading articles, check out the podcasts. Or watch one of the 30 videoseither on the website or on YouTube. The site is all botany, all the time, but some topics are clear favorites—tropical plants, especially orchids in all their diversity; pollinators; bktany conservation—or some combination of these.

Plus, Do my botany blog wonder if the author, Do my botany blog, lives in the eastern U. Be prepared to be science-y.

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I reject this reality outright. Plants are everything on this planet. They have this amazing ability to use our nearest star to break apart water blig CO 2 gas in order to grow and reproduce.

do my botany blog

From the smallest duckweed to the tallest redwood, the botanical world is full of boyany evolutionary stories. I am here to tell those stories. My name is Matt and I am obsessed with myy botanical world. In Defense of Plants is my way of sharing that love with you. It effectively plagiarizes, by letting it seem to be his knowledge, and not the do my botany blog efforts of the botanists who really did the work. It is also do my botany blog likely he is breaking copyrights.

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do my botany blog

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do my botany blog

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do my botany blog

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