How to mail cover letter

With the advent of HR applicant tracking systemssubmitting top custom essay proofreading services ca cover letter and resume takes a bit more thought today. How you submit a paper or digital resume can affect your chances of getting an interview.

Before the era of scanning resumes to enter them into a tracking how to mail cover letter, many recruiters and HR professionals preferred folded resumes. This was because most people submitted resumes on folded 8. Most applicants folded their resumes forward, so recruiters could easily stack resumes into a pile and go through them one at a time later. When recruiters received unfolded resumes, or resumes folded backward, they had to manually fold or re-fold the resumes so they would nest into the others.

Some recruiters disliked this so much, they actually tossed unfolded or backward-folded how to mail cover letter into the trash without looking at them. The same was true for magazine-style resumes, printed on 11 X 17 sheets of paper and folded in half, to look like a booklet. Today, some resume coaches recommend not folding your resume under any circumstances.

how to mail cover letter

Fold the resume by moving each panel forward, with the top panel overlapping or resting on the bottom panel. This will allow a recruiter to take your resume out of the envelope, quickly lift the top panel and fold down how to mail cover letter bottom panel and begin reading the advantage of computer technology essay. Keep your cover letter separate and place it on top lettrr the resume before putting it into the envelope.

You can put your folded resume into an 10 envelope as described above, or put an unfolded resume into a 9 X 12 or 8. A 9 X how to mail cover letter envelope makes it easier to slip your resume out how to mail cover letter back in. Sending an unfolded resume makes your resume easier to read and easier to scan if the recipient is going to enter your document into an ATS system.

Stick with a white envelope. You might buy colored stationery to make your envelope, cover letter and leetter stand out from others. If you want to do this, pick a subtle, neutral color. For example, the last thing you want to do is to send a female Pat Smith a letter addressed to Mr. Pat Smith. She might also give you tips on how to email a resume.

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Choose a neutral stamp, such as an American flag. Stay away from flowers and animals. Make sure to use your home address for the return address on the envelope. If you want to make sure your resume gets to its destination or make your submission stand out, consider sending it via certified mail or by using a delivery service like UPS or FedEx.

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how to mail cover letter

Some employers may request how to mail cover letter you send your resume in the body of an email instead of as an attachment. If you need to do this, justify all text to the left side of the email; don't center it. Use only black, regular font, such as Arial.

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Don't use fancy fonts, underlining, columns, italics or bold letters. Type headings in all capital letters.

how to mail cover letter

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