How to write geordie

how to write geordie

The English to Geordie Translator. A Viking word for a stream.

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Sentences are often ended with the word 'but'. For example, when describing someone a Geordie may say geeordie a canny lass but" This means that she is a nice girl. It doesn't imply that there is some unspoken flaw in her character. Buzeems: Brooms Byeuts: How to write geordie. Canny old soul - a nice old person.

how to write geordie

Canny good How to write geordie hard - very good or very tough. Canny job - a good job. Possibly a variation on the Scots word Ken meaning to know.

Cuthbert Cushat: A pigeon. Eee: Eye. Gan yer ain gate means go your own way. Geet — great, large.

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Haad: Hold Hadaway: Get away. As in 'you're having me on' it is thought to be a naval term Haipeth: Half Penny.

how to write geordie

Hinny: Honey - a term of endearment. From the Anglo-Saxon word how to write geordie meaning fair. The Toon Moor Hoppings are held in Newcastle. Howay: Come on - 'Howay' or 'H'way the Lads' is chanted at football matches.

Geordie Dictionary

Jarra: Jarrow Joon: June. Keek: To peep Keel: A boat. Ket: A sweet or something that is nice Kidda: A term of endearment. Knaa: Know. See 'Mackem' Mackem: A native of Sunderland.

how to write geordie

Scrunchin's - the small waste bits of batter skimmed off at the fish shop also known as how to write geordie Segger: A nickname for the town of Sacriston. Sel': Self Shoot: Shout. Shuggy - gdordie swing. Singing Hinnie: A kind of cake. Stowed off — fed up or crowded Strang: Strong. Us: Me. Vennel: A narrow ally in Durham.]

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