How to write like shonda rhimes

In certain fields, there are a few people who are, indisputably, the masters.

how to write like shonda rhimes

And in the world of TV writing, it's Shonda Rhimes who commands the platform. The mind behind Grey's Anatomy and Scandalamong so much else, is a massive force in pop culture, and it's no surprise that she was chosen to lead MasterClass' new Writing for Television seminar.

All About Shonda Rhimes

The lesson class features Rhimes sharing all there is to know about scripting must-see TV — and it includes the writd piece of advice the showrunner says she has to give for those who want to follow how to write like shonda rhimes her footsteps.

You may not be a working writer, but you are a writer. It's a message that Rhimes has frequently pushed, most memorably in her Dartmouth College commencement speechand in the MasterClass lessons, which became available earlier this month, she explains in detail that get help homework order to be a writer, you must, well, write.

All the time. Every day.

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No how to write like shonda rhimes what. Shoonda drive and self-motivation has helped propel Rhimes to the top of her field; few people in television — or any platform, for that matter — are as prolific as the showrunner, who not only created Grey'sScandaland Private Practicebut acts as an executive producer on How to write like shonda rhimes to Get Away With Murder rhhimes, The Catchot the upcoming Still Star-Crossed ; wrote a bestselling memoir, Year of Yes; and has several other projects in the works.

Yet while her work ethic may be innate, her TV writing and leadership skills, Rhimes explains in the MasterClass, didn't come automatically. And so for Custom mba dissertation chapter advice, getting the opportunity to "present a lot of knowledge to people for very little" through MasterClass was too good to pass up, she says.

how to write like shonda rhimes

And not jow on screenwriting. In the 30 lessons, Rhimes teaches viewers how to plan out plots and develop narratives, yes, but she also shares her thoughts on some of the topics she frequently gets asked about — such as the apparently mind-blowing fact that her shows feature smart, strong, complicated women.

Learn From Shonda Rhimes!

Through her several shows currently and formerly on air, the producer has singlehandedly changed the ratio of women on-screen, as well as the amount of people of color featured on television. Rhimes has been vocal about her dislike for the word "diversity," preferring to say how to write like shonda rhimes she's working, instead, how to write like shonda rhimes "normalize" the TV landscape by populating her shows with non-white actors, as well as those of all genders and sexual identities.

And while she's the first to admit that television still has "a long way to go" when it comes to representation, Rhimes says she's noted positive changes in recent years as shows featuring people of color like Scandal and black-ish have found success.

how to write like shonda rhimes

And while there rhimess always be critics who argue that diversity doesn't sell, or white men who don't understand the struggles women and minorities face in Hollywood, Rhimes doesn't care; she's too busy making how to write like shonda rhimes must-see shows to worry about other people's opinions.

Intentional or not, it's another piece of must-hear advice from Rhimes, and one everyone, not just writers, can take to heart: focus not on the naysayers, but on the work you could be doing to make the world look like you know it should. By Rachel Simon. Frederick M. See All Health Relationships Self.]

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