Microsoft office resume cover letter samples

Many employers require you to submit a cover letter along with your professional resume.

Types of Word cover letter templates

Microsoft Word has several free cover letter templates to provide you with an effective structure. In this article, we explain the importance of a cover letter, types of Word cover letter templates available, where to find one, how to create your own and tips for writing an effective cover letter.

microsoft office resume cover letter samples

A cover letter template is important because it helps ensure you're including all the key elements by providing an outline for you to input your own information. A template is especially beneficial If you don't come from a design background because it has a pre-designed layout.

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Because hiring managers view several applications per day, it's important to have a clean and polished cover letter that can set you apart from other candidates. Cover letter templates are a great tool to use when you want to take a formulaic approach and ensure you're submitting a professional job application.

microsoft office resume cover letter samples

Microsoft Word has several cover letter templates to choose from, depending on your needs and personal preferences. Many correlate with a similarly designed resume. Cover letter templates typically mircosoft into one of these categories:.

microsoft office resume cover letter samples

Premium cover letter templates: These templates have advanced designs that you can customize. To access them, you need a premium Word membership. Free cover letter templates: Users can use these templates without paying a fee or membership price.

General cover letter templates: Word offers many basic cover letter templates that professionals can use for a variety of careers.

Why is having a good cover letter important?

Job-specific cover letter templates: Word makes templates for particular microsoft office resume cover letter samples and jobs such as temporary positions. Design-driven cover letter templates: There are many templates with different design aesthetics. Some have more contemporary and modern designs whereas others are more minimal and cleaner.

Here is a comprehensive list of the cover letter template offerings in Word:. Sample cover letter in response to a technical micrisoft advertisement. Cover letter enclosing employment and salary history.]

microsoft office resume cover letter samples

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