Sample cover letter co op board application

sample cover letter co op board application

Yet this is what New York co-op protocol demands of all, from new money to Rockefeller. It reduces people to numbers on a tax return. It can make a dear friend call into question your financial stability.

sample cover letter co op board application

But resistance is futile. I had reminded him at the beginning of the process that it was something he would be asked for, and I think he thought that he was higher and mightier than that.

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Find Your Next Place. Remember that in addition to financial information and reference letters, your co-op or condo application must include a written insurance quote or active insurance policy—on an apartment you are not even approved to buy yet. Fortunately, the co-op and condo insurance insurance experts at Gotham Brokerage can provide exactly what you and your board need in a fraction of a business day. Click here to get started.

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They want this to be all about your financials, because they are governed by law not to question you on specific things. You are giving them you highlight reel. You are trying to make yourself look as good as possible and kiss up a little. But, like all concerns co-op related, there is etiquette to the cover letter that tops your board package.

sample cover letter co op board application

Cohen says that many of his clients hire consulting firms to help them put their best foot forward. Those firms will help you prepare petter perfect letter for a fee.

Why you need a cover letter

Listen to the agents, because we do this goard day, and without good, successful board packages, we don't get paychecks. Letters of recommendation should be sent on personal letterhead and perhaps even scrawled out in longhand. Cover letters, on the other hand, must be more to the point. Print yours out on normal copy paper and use Times New Roman for your typeface instead of something flashier.]

sample cover letter co op board application

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