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All About English Literature. However, it must be kept in mind that the novel is the autobiography of Jane Eyre, and not of Charlotte Bronte. This novel is, on the whole, critical essay jane eyre, sad, and very depressing.

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The subject of this novel is the trials and tribulations of the heroine who tells the story Jane Eyre is almost a tragic figure from the beginning onwards, and remains one till the very end when at last she achieves the fulfillment of her deepest desire through her marital union with the man, Mr. Rochestercritical essay jane eyre she has loved for a long time. Jane Eyre phd thesis archives critical essay jane eyre novel which contains a most interesting, and almost gripping, story.

The novel is worth reading for critjcal plot-interest alone, apart from other considerations. We go through the story almost breathlessly and find ourselves unable to put aside the book till we have reached the end.

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The story has several well-defined stages. Reed and her three children. Here she falls in love with Mr. Rochester who happens to be an already cgitical man, having a mad wife living in the same house as he critical essay jane eyre. John Rivers. Here she has a brief respite from misery and feels quite comfortable critical essay jane eyre she begins to be pressed hard, and almost harassed by St.

The final stage in her life comes when she arrives at Ferndean and gets married to Mr. Rochester who cause essay ideas now a blind man and whose wife had perished at Thornfield Hall in the course of a fire which she had herself started.

All these vicissitudes in the life of Jane Eyre constitute a story of unusual interest.

critical essay jane eyre

Jane Eyre has been charged by some critics with being a novel having a very loose structure. But the charge is ill-conceived and not sustainable.

critical essay jane eyre

An autobiography is critical essay jane eyre a sprawling narrative covering either the whole or a very large part of the life of the central character who in the present case is Jane Eyre. An autobiography covers the different stages in the life of the hero or the heroine, or of both; and, as such, it cannot be expected to possess a compact or close-knit construction.

An autobiography, apart from narrating the varied experiences of the hero or criticwl heroine, jsne bound also to contain a large number of characters because the hero or the heroine would naturally and inevitably come into contact with a large variety of persons in critical essay jane eyre course of his or her life.

In the novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens we have a critical essay jane eyre of characters, and in Jane Eyre too we come across a very large number of characters.

The unity of a novel, written in the autobiographical mode, consists in the fact that our attention throughout the narrative is focused upon the criticwl of the story even though the other characters, who figure in the novel, may attract our attention and arouse our interest at various stages in the story.

The subsidiary characters in Jane Eyre do contribute, and in a large measure, to the esaay of the cheap university essay editor site for university but Jane Eyre herself remains a criticap personality in the novel, and Mr. Rochester comes very close to her in the critical essay jane eyre of the portrayal.

Jane Eyre is undoubtedly a romantic novel.

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The chief romantic element in this novel is the passionate love-affair of Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester is by no means a handsome man. Nor is Jane Eyre a pretty girl. Besides, there is a great disparity of ages between Jane Eyre who is critical essay jane eyre twenty and Mr. Rochester who is approaching forty.

critical essay jane eyre

In one sense, therefore, this love-affair between a young girl, who is plain-looking and an elderly man, who is physically almost unattractive appears to be an unromantic affair. But the intensity and the fervour of love. The very fact the Mr. Fairfax, constitutes a most critical essay jane eyre absurdity. The visit of Mr. Mason to Thornfield Hall, and his going to meet his mad sister Bertha in the room to which she is confined, constitute another absurdity critical essay jane eyre Mr.

Mason had specifically been asked by Criticak. Rochester to wait till the following day to essxy her.]

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