Do my political science course work

A political science degree from Ohio State can afford students many wonderful opportunities.

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Some of our recent graduates want to explain some of these exciting possibilities and how they are making their mark on the world. Gregory Schultz currently serves as the Campaign Manager for the Biden presidential campaign.

do my political science course work

He has held various campaign management positions in local and statewide campaigns across Ohio. He resides in Washington, D. In Junethe City of Columbus was honored by the U. Columbus is now poised to lead the transportation fo revolution for years to come. I assisted our amazing Smart Columbus team in developing our vision and goals, writing and editing our applications, managing our strategic partnerships, media relations, government affairs, and acquiring letters of support.

Do my political science course work degree provided me an excellent foundational knowledge base for a career in public service.

It also provided me valuable insight into how the interaction of governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations shape how our world works. As I am writing this post, I am a little more than a month out from moving to Warsaw, Poland, to begin my Fulbright ciurse as a teaching assistant in the Department of Political Science and Co for top creative essay ghostwriters websites for school University of Warsaw.

In addition to teaching Polish students about aspects of American government and society, I do my political science course work also be conducting a project for the grant analyzing Polish perspectives on American scince issues.

Upon returning, my plan is to attend law school with the intention of becoming a public health lawyer. If it were do my political science course work for the Ohio State University, and in particular, the Department of Political Science, I ccourse that the opportunities currently afforded to me would not be available. Throughout my time at Ohio State, the rigor of the classes and the high expectations of the faculty helped shape me into a better analyst, a better writer, a better problem-solver, and into a better citizen.

What Do You Study in a Political Science Program?

Looking back on my undergraduate experiences and ahead to my future, I have only one piece of advice to offer both prospective and current undergraduate majors.

A degree in political science is not rigid insofar as it leaves you with a binary choice of law or academia.

do my political science course work

It is a program that challenges your abilities and helps to develop the skills necessary to achieve any career goal or dream. You should decide upon the degree based on your interests and not disproportionately on the thought of what comes next.

do my political science course work

Rather, let your academic interests and passions guide you. Whether you believe it or not, by doing just that, you will be more than prepared for the opportunities you face after graduation.

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Tiberi OH in his Washington, D. Through the Political Science Department and Ohio State's location in Columbus, I was able to gain valuable experiences through four internships. The range of expertise in the Political Science department has allowed me to analyze political institutions and policy at every level.

Professor Herb Asher's Ohio Politics class allowed me to study structural reforms in county, city, and state government and political do my political science course work making in Ohio in relation to regional politics and the history of Ohio's economic resources.

Professor Randall Ripley's U.]

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