Do my women and gender studies critical thinking

Through a dynamic combination of coursework, internship opportunities, and community engagement, we empower students to become engaged citizens and self-reflective agents of social justice. The field challenges what you think you know and asks you to analyze systems of power in your personal lives and in the broader world.

What will you experience?

As you advance in WGS, thinkinng will develop skills to recognize, deconstruct, and challenge intersectional systems of power. These experiences do my women and gender studies critical thinking turn you into a life-long learner, with extensive experience in complex problem solving and analytical thinking. Our courses are laboratories for you to practice and grow your communication skills, gaining critical feedback from our instructors.

In our classes, students are constantly asked to self-reflect on their social locations, learning processes, and take-aways. Scholars and students not only challenge the status quo in WGS but also elitism in knowledge production more generally. Students come away popular dissertation methodology editor site for school their own voices while simultaneously reflecting on their privileges so that they can become more self-aware and responsible citizen scholars.

do my women and gender studies critical thinking

In our classrooms, you will be challenged to reflect on your own social location and how to thoughtfully interact with those whose experiences are different than genrer. Our classrooms are a laboratory for diversity education—a safe space for you to challenge yourself to become more inclusive of others and feel welcomed in a college classroom, no matter your background.

What Can I Do with this Minor?

We deploy high impact practices in our classrooms to help you, utilizing applied learning activities, multiple types of writing activities, research projects, service learning, and internships.

Ellie Schemenauer and Dr. Click on their pictures to contact them. Aft er shepherding this course through the curriculum committee and teaching it for a few years, Dr. Nesuale attend ed a national do my women and gender studies critical thinking best argumentative essay editing for hire for phd discuss the inclusion of women and feminism in university curriculum.

Nesuale and Dr. Schauer divided the labor of founding the department, creating new courses and carefully proposing them to the university curriculum committee. We celebrate the tenacity of our founding mothers with every new student who passes stuxies our courses, gaining transformative insights, skills, and perspectives afforded by an intersectional feminist education.

The many subject areas that students have the do my women and gender studies critical thinking to explore include:.

Identify and critique constructions of gender, gender identity and expression, race and ethnicity, socioeconomic class and sexuality. Understand, recognize, and apply intersectional analysis of power structures tuinking gender, race, class, sexuality and more.

Understand and reflect on the dynamic relationship among individuals, society, and institutions.

do my women and gender studies critical thinking

Identify, analyze, construct and effectively communicate arguments utilizing evidence. Reflect on and apply lessons for personal, social and professional growth.

“What can I do with a major in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies?”

Checklist for the Major. Checklist for the Minor. Social Service Professions.

do my women and gender studies critical thinking

Non-Profit Work. Higher Education Leadership. Public Health and the Environment. Law and Public Policy. Business and Entrepreneurship. Research and Professional Writing.

Creative Arts. Women's and Gender Studies students are strongly encouraged stuies make internships part of their regular course work.

do my women and gender studies critical thinking

Students may be involved with internships part time during the school year or during the summer. Among the organizations that have accepted women's and gender studies interns are:.]

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