How to write your name in japanese

Last Updated on Luckily, building a Japanese name is easy. What is your name?

How to say “What is your name?” in Japanese

The reason is that Japanese often omit words if they are clearly interpreted through context. We have a free day hiragana challenge to speed up the process and namr you. Japanese people have their names written in Kanji.

how to write your name in japanese

Below you can see a katakana chart. The pronunciation sounds similar to bee in english when transliterated to katakana. In reality, there are no set ways of writing english names in Katakana, but there are more popular ways of doing it.

how to write your name in japanese

You can use the above chart to create your own name! If you want a more lazy way of finding out how to write your new name in Japanese you can also use a katakana name generator, we have linked to a few that you can use:.

Be Proud Of Your Name

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how to write your name in japanese

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