Write top critical analysis essay on presidential elections

Departing from the monarchical tradition of Britain, the founding fathers of the United States created a system in which write top critical analysis essay on presidential elections American people had the power and responsibility to select their leader. Article II, Presidentiial 1 of the U. Constitution establishes the Executive Branch of the U.

Under this new order, George Washington, the first U. At the time, only white men resume for enviromental services owned property could vote, but the 15th, 19th and 26th Amendments to the Constitution have since expanded the right of suffrage to all citizens over write top critical analysis essay on presidential elections Taking place every four years, presidential campaigns and elections have evolved into a series of fiercely fought, and sometimes controversial, contests now played out in the hour news cycle.

The stories behind each election—some ending in landslide victories, others decided by the narrowest of margins—provide a roadmap to writr events of U. George Washington was the first president of the United States.

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The first presidential election was held on the first Wednesday of January in No one contested the election of George Washingtonbut he remained reluctant to run until the last minute, sample mortgage processor resume part because he believed seeking the office would be dishonorable.

Only when Alexander Hamilton and others convinced him that it would be dishonorable to refuse did he agree to run. The Constitution allowed each state to decide how to choose its presidential electors.

write top critical analysis essay on presidential elections

Inonly Pennsylvania and Maryland held elections for this purpose; elsewhere, the state legislatures chose the electors. This method caused some problems in New Yorkwhich was so divided between Federalists who supported the new Grade 6 homework and Antifederalists who opposed it that the legislature failed to choose either presidential electors or U. Before the adoption of the Twelfth Amendment, there was no separate ballot for president and vice president.

Each elector cast two votes for president.

write top critical analysis essay on presidential elections

The candidate with the largest number of electoral votes won the presidency, and the runner-up became vice president. Most Federalists agreed that John Adams should be vice president. But Hamilton feared that if Adams was the unanimous choice, he would end in a tie with Washington and might even become president, an outcome that would be highly embarrassing for both Washington and the new electoral system.

write top critical analysis essay on presidential elections

The final results were Washington, 69 electoral votes; Adams, 34; John Jaynine; John Hancockfour and others, As electionwpersuading George Washington to run was the major difficulty in selecting a president in Washington complained of old age, sickness esssay the increasing hostility of the Republican press toward his administration. The press attacks were symptomatic of the increasing split within the government between Federalists, who were coalescing around Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, and Republicans, forming around Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson.

The original rationale for the Electoral College

James Madisonamong others, convinced Washington to presidwntial as president by arguing that only he could hold the government together. Speculation then shifted to the vice presidency. Hamilton and the Federalists supported the reelection of John Adams.

Republicans favored New York governor George Clinton, but Federalists feared him partly because of a widespread belief that his recent election to the governorship was fraudulent.

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In addition, the Federalists feared that Clinton would belittle the importance of the federal government by retaining his governorship while serving as vice president. Only electoral votes are recorded here because most states still did not select presidential electors by popular vote.

write top critical analysis essay on presidential elections

Nor was there a separate vote for president and vice president until the Twelfth Amendment took effect in ]

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