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Reviewed By: Dr. Eunice Rautenbach September But what exactly is the methodology chapter all about — and how do you go about writing one? The point dissertation methodology template the methodology chapter is to tell the reader exactly how dissertation methodology template designed methpdology research and to justify your design choices.

The methodology chapter should comprehensively describe and justify all the research design choices you made. For example, the type of research you conducted e.

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Firstly, it demonstrates your understanding of research design theory, which is what earns you marks. Secondly, the methodology chapter is what helps to make your study replicable — in other words, it allows other researchers to undertake your study using dissertation methodology template same design, and compare their findings to yours.

dissertation methodology template

This is very dissertation methodology template within academic research, as each study builds on previous studies. The methodology chapter is also important because it allows you tfmplate identify and discuss any methodological issues or problems you encountered i.

dissertation methodology template

Again, this demonstrates your understanding of research design, which will earn you marks. See how Grad Coach can help you Before you start writing, we always recommend dissertation methodology template you draw up a rough outlinedissertatoin that you have a clear direction to head in.

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Start with the end in mind. As with all chapters in your dissertation or thesis, the methodology chapter should have a brief introduction.

dissertation methodology template

In this introduction, you should remind your readers what the focus trmplate your study methldology, especially the research aims. This will help orient the reader and michelle obama undergraduate dissertation a bit of a roadmap so that they know what to expect.

The next dissertation methodology template of your methodology chapter should present your research design to the reader.

In this section, you need to detail and justify all the key dissertation methodology template choices in a logical, intuitive fashion. Research philosophy refers to the underlying beliefs i. While several research philosophies exist, two commonly adopted ones are positivism and interpretivism.

dissertation methodology template

Positivism is commonly the underlying research philosophy in quantitative studies. It disesrtation that the researcher can dissertation methodology template reality objectively and that there is only one reality, which exists independent of the observer.

Step 1: Explain your methodological approach

Contrasted with this, dissertation methodology templatewhich is often the underlying research philosophy in qualitative studies, assumes that the researcher performs a role in observing the world around them and that reality is unique to each genuine essay writing service. In other words, reality is observed dissertation methodology template. These are just two philosophies disseryation are manybut they demonstrate significantly different approaches to research and have a significant impact on all the research design choices.]

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