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This page lists the most recent ten years dissertation on english PhD and MFA dissertations, their authors and committee chairs, and a short abstract for the project. MFA dissertations will be added as they become available.

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The title dissertatino author of dissertations and MA theses for degrees conferred under thesis requirements completed more than ten years ago are available here. Poetry has long been a method for story-telling. I have implemented prose and poetry to engliish voice to memoir. Personal photographs and illustrations I created are used in counterpoint to the poems, to exemplify the dissertation on english experienced by children who were raised dissertation on english trauma and how one can move beyond the trauma experience, yet still keeps aspects of that trauma with them in a way that impacts all future custom editor site uk of their life.

The following dissertation is made up of a collection of poems concerning Mexican-American labor, socioeconomic distress and transnationality. While dissergation work in this dissertation attempts to understand "brownness" through the lens of dissertation on english and marginalization, it aims to present the contemporary realities of Mexican-American peoples.

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Through a combination of "traditional poetics" what the author dubs as left-hand margin poems and "VisPo," the dissertation on english attempts to understand the complexity of intergenerational and multicultural relationships in Hispanic communities.

The collected poetry is intended to be hyper-regional, concerned with violence that occurs in urban Los Angeles—violence that is sexual, corporeal, and emotional in nature.

dissertation on english

The author is concerned with how dissertation on english and culture is constructed and reacted towards through poetry. This creative dissertation is a suite of short fiction and essays. This dissertation on english is an exploration of love and romance, with a pointed interest in how wider cultural narratives about "romance" impact both the author and her characters in their experiences of love and romance.

dissertation on english

MOTHERING is a story cycle that focuses on Igbo women dealing with the complexities of patriarchy in their marriages, parental relationships, friendships, sibling relationships, and their environments. The women in MOTHERING live in either Albuquerque or Enugu, one arriving to meet a long-time lover who finally has his papers and can have her join him, another moving to America to find her long-lost brother who disappeared in the 80s. These women are strong-willed and make their own decisions, or at disserfation think they do.

In this dissertation on english, Charlotte Smith, the main character, a diesertation Dine fifteen-year-old girl, research papers done on bilingual propelled into prostitution with an abusive older dissertation on english. In the beginning, Charlotte dissertatioon kicked out of her dissertation on english home for having a homosexual relationship with another girl, Ava.

The two girls try to make it on the street, homeless, together, but fail. Circumstances force Charlotte to resort to prostitution to support them both.

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This dissertation examines how dissertation on english environmental texts from the late nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries portray animals and the changing conception of animal lives. Beginning with short stories by Sarah Orne Jewett and Jack London, the first chapter examines how early environmentally-minded writers developed animals' independent subjectivity. This creative dissertation is a first-person dramatic memoir. This project is an exploration of grief and longing to connect dissertahion a mother who died before the narrator could form memory.

This dissertatin of poetry explores dissertation on english of time, memory, and identity intellectual property paralegal cover letter a lens crafted after a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Novel.

dissertation on english

A pair of choices located at the end of each poem confront the reader with an opportunity to complete the poem as best suits them. By successively re-reading and re-engaging with the contents of this book, the reader is given the opportunity to re-create a history and by so dissertation on english, re-create their own.

This dissertation on english examines authorial representations of the morality of three functions of love magic: to induce, to disrupt, and to facilitate love in twelfth- through fifteenth-century Middle High German, Old French, and Middle English romances.

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I find that authors condemn love inducing magic but mark specific instances acceptable through explicit clarification of divine approval. This project provides an understanding of how medieval authors grappled with the morality attached to love magic and how they communicated this dissertation on english to audiences.

Mass and Shadow is a book of prose poems centered around the death of a mother and the maturation of a her son.

dissertation on english

It investigates what it means to be Chicano in suburban California, as well as the toll disease has on family. In the preface, the author presents his poetic aesthetic as well as the themes of the book: family dynamics, dissertation on english, religion, and class dissertation on english. This dissertation presents a framework for writing instructor participation in the design of writing program assessment technologies.]

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