Dissertation theatre classique

dissertation theatre classique

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This thesis focuses on the female characters of the tragedy since the genre's rebirth in the mid-sixteenth century until the s, and more specifically on how they are involved in the constitution of the poetics dissertation theatre classique tragedy. It is striking that the tragedy of the classical period stages mainly female subjects. Sophonisbe, a character now largely forgotten, is probably one of the most important dissertation theatre classique of the tragic corpus: she is the subject of more than seven tragedies written between andincluding the plays of famous dramatists like Mairet and Corneille.

This phenomenon is highly significant.

dissertation theatre classique

It reveals that some female figures naturally agree with the poetics of tragedy, that the forms and the representations of "feminity", by some kind dissertation theatre classique mimicry, correspond to the playwright's conceptions of the tragic spectacle. More specifically, the relationship between the woman and the tragedy falls into three categories: aesthetic, ethical, classiuqe.

dissertation theatre classique

The first category relates to issues of representation ; tgeatre second, to the feminine traits ; the last, to cassique civilizing role of both women and the theatre. Furthermore, because they repeat at various times in its history the tragedy's dissertation theatre classique principles, the heroines of the tragic stage rely on self-reflexivity. More than dissertation theatre classique characters, they concern the very nature of theatre : is through them that the theatre - the tragedy - is conceived and thought.

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