Doctoral dissertation servant leadership

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doctoral dissertation servant leadership

Direct link. Servant leadership as envisioned by Robert Greenleaf seravnt a philosophy whereby leaders put the interests and growth of the follower ahead of themselves. Though the concept has been around since antiquity, scholars and practitioners in organizations began to embrace and expand the idea since the early s. There are currently 20 models of servant leadership with doctoral dissertation servant leadership associated survey instruments.

doctoral dissertation servant leadership

Colleges and universities may want to instill servant leadership in their students. This study used Wong and Page's model and their Revised Servant Leadership Profile instrument along with interviews to conduct a mixed-method, doctoral dissertation servant leadership triangulation phenomenology consisting of both qualitative and quantitative ordinary men christopher browning thesis. It proposed eight research questions to see if there are any relationships between eight independent variables and the seven dimensions dochoral doctoral dissertation servant leadership leadership in Wong and Page's model: a developing and empowering others; b vulnerability and humility; c authentic leadership; d open, participatory leadership; e inspiring leadership; f visionary leadership; and g courageous leadership.

Specifically, the study examined whether exposure to servant leadership concepts at Southeastern University SEU make a difference in students' self-perception of servant leadership.

The findings dissertaation that gender, ethnicity, attending the SEU Leadership Forum, doctoral dissertation servant leadership taking leadership-related courses at SEU were not statistically significantly related to any of the seven servant leadership dimensions.

A student's college was related to vulnerability doctoral dissertation servant leadership humility. Years at SEU was related to developing and empowering others.

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Age was related to developing and empowering doctoral dissertation servant leadership, inspiring leadership, visionary leadership, ledership courageous leadership. Holding a student leadership position at SEU was related to developing and empowering others, inspiring leadership, and visionary leadership. The study concluded with the implication of the findings, areas for future research, and advice on encouraging servant leadership development.

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doctoral dissertation servant leadership

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