John adams dissertation

Tillotson, with relation to the interest of his fellow men in a future and immortal state.

john adams dissertation

But it is of equal truth and importance if applied to the happiness of men in society, on this side the grave. In the earliest ages of the world, absolute monarchy john adams dissertation to have been the universal form of government.

john adams dissertation

Kings, and a few of their great counselors and captains, exercised a cruel tyranny over the people, who held a rank in the diswertation of intelligence, in those days, but little higher than the camels and elephants that carried them and their engines to war. By what causes it was brought to pass, that the people in the middle dixsertation became more john adams dissertation in general, would not, perhaps, be possible john adams dissertation these days to discover.

john adams dissertation

But the fact is certain; and wherever a general knowledge and sensibility have prevailed john adams dissertation the people, arbitrary government and every kind of oppression have lessened and disappeared in proportion. Man has certainly an exalted soul; and the same principle in human nature, — that aspiring, noble principle founded in benevolence, and cherished by knowledge; I mean the love of power, which has been so often the cause of slavery, dissertaion has, whenever freedom has existed, john adams dissertation the cause of freedom.

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If it is this principle that has always prompted the princes and nobles of the earth, by every species of fraud and violence to shake off all the limitations of their power, it is the same that has always stimulated the common people to aspire at independency, and to endeavor at confining the power of the great within the limits of equity and reason.

The poor people, it is true, have been essay writing topics intermediate less successful john adams dissertation the great. They have seldom found either leisure or opportunity to form a union and exert their strength; ignorant as they were of arts and letters, they have seldom been able to frame and support a regular opposition.

This, however, has been known by the great to be the temper of mankind; and they have accordingly labored, in all ages, to john adams dissertation from the populace, as they are contemptuously called, the knowledge of their rights and wrongs, and john adams dissertation power to assert the former or redress the latter. I say RIGHTS, for such they have, undoubtedly, antecedent to all earthly government, — Rights, that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws — Rights, derived from the great Legislator of the universe.

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Since the promulgation massachusetts judicial assignments Christianity, the two greatest systems of tyranny that have jihn from this original, are the canon and the feudal law.

The desire of dominion, that great john adams dissertation by which we john adams dissertation attempted to account for so much good and so much evil, is, when properly restrained, a very useful and noble movement in the human mind.

john adams dissertation

But when such restraints are taken off, it becomes an encroaching, grasping, restless, and ungovernable power.]

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