Presentation d une dissertation

In many disciplines, a dissertation presentation is required as part of the dissertation defense. This thorough, comprehensive presentation is your opportunity to demonstrate the depth and validity of your research in a clear and compelling way.

It may also be helpful to review dissertation presentations made by recent graduates of your doctoral program. A dissertation presentation is usually a minute overview presentation d une dissertation your dissertztion research that focuses on the study and findings recorded in chapters four and five of your dissertation. The dissertation presentation consists of slides made using PowerPoint or another type of presentation software.

presentation d une dissertation

There are conventions to adhere to when creating the dissertation presentation, and each slide serves a specific purpose. The presentation slides offer in-depth insight into the data gathered presentation d une dissertation the study, as well as any conclusions you presentation d une dissertation have reached. These slides give you an opportunity to explore the data and discuss the significance of your study and its findings. While the culminating moment of a doctoral degree has long been the dissertation defense, many disciplines and programs now prefer for candidates to complete a dissertation presentation.


Done in lieu of or in addition dissertatioj a traditional defense, a dissertation presentation is made distinctive by its inclusion presentation d une dissertation visual elements such as charts, graphs, or images. Dissertation presentations are also a pragmatic approach during the era of online programs and Zoom.

presentation d une dissertation

While a dissertation defense is powered by an oral defense and discussion with the dissertation committee, a dissertation presentation offers a strategic presentation d une dissertation to plan and structure the conversation.

A presentation d une dissertation presentation also affords you the opportunity to show the narrative arc of your progression from asking the question, searching the literature, creating the study, and evaluating your findings.

Storytelling is a great way to think about how you will approach your dissertation presentation. The structure of your dissertation presentation will roughly presentation d une dissertation your table of contents, which will serve as a map for crafting your slides. The first half of your dissertation presentation slides will mirror your dissertation proposal, or the first three chapters of your dissertation.

Slides within your dissertation presentation should include:. The second half of the slides in your dissertation presentation will be grounded specifically in the fourth and esl phd dissertation results advice chapters of your dissertation.

These slides will include information about your data collection, analysis, and findings. You can also include an image or two relevant to your research especially if you have pictures from the field or lab and personal experience.

presentation d une dissertation

Though it is first and foremost a professional document, the dissertation presentation also offers you an opportunity to showcase your style as a scholar. Design your slides for optimum communication and visual appeal.

presentation d une dissertation

Use graphics and images that reinforce the overarching message of your dissertation. In addition to graphics and images, think carefully about the aesthetic of your dissertation presentation. Prize high-impact verbiage that gets to the heart of your topic without crowding your slides.

What Is a Dissertation Presentation?

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Dissertation Presentation vs. Dissertation Defense

Presentation Results. How to Create a Dissertation Presentation. Presentation d une dissertation 28, Courtney Watson, Ph. These are some commonly asked questions about the dissertation presentation: What is a dissertation presentation? How does it differ from a dissertation defense? How do I structure my dissertation presentation? What are some additional considerations for the dissertation presentation?

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