What is an abstract in a dissertation

Simply put, the abstract in a dissertation or thesis is a short but well structured summary that outlines the most important points of your research i. The abstract is usually 1 paragraph what is an abstract in a dissertation about words long about one pagebut but this can vary between universities. A quick note regarding terminology — strictly speaking, an abstract and an executive summary are two different things when it comes to academic publications.

What is the Purpose of an Abstract?

However, in the context of a dissertation or thesis, the abstract usually covers both, providing a summary of the full project. In terms dissertation content, a good dissertation abstract usually covers the following points:.

what is an abstract in a dissertation

Buckle up. The first purpose is to inform potential readers of the main idea of your research without them having to read your entire piece of work. Specifically, it needs to communicate what your research is about what were you trying to find out and what your findings were.

what is an abstract in a dissertation

The second purpose of dissertation photography examples abstract is to inform search engines and dissertation databases as they index your dissertation or thesis. The keywords and phrases in your abstract as well as your keyword list will often be used by these search engines to categorize your work and make it accessible to users.

Time is money, after all…. Researchers reviewing the literature on any given topic face a mountain of reading, so they need to optimise what is an abstract in a dissertation approach. Even so, you still need to provide an impactful abstract absteact your markers.

what is an abstract in a dissertation

A good abstract also has an added purpose for grad students. As a freshly minted graduate, your dissertation or thesis is often your most significant professional accomplishment and highlights where your unique expertise lies. Potential employers who want to know about this expertise are likely to only read the abstract as opposed to reading what is an abstract in a dissertation entire document — so it needs to be good!

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Think about it this way — if your thesis or dissertation were a book, then the abstract would be the blurb on the back cover. For better or worse, readers will absolutely judge your book by its cover. As we touched on earlier, your abstract should cover four important aspects of your research: the purposemethodologyfindingsand implications. Therefore, the structure of your dissertation or thesis abstract needs to reflect these four essentials, in the same order.

Size and Structure

Step 1: Describe the purpose and value of your research. Here you need to concisely explain the purpose and value of your research. When stating the purpose of research, you need to clearly discuss the following:. In this part of your abstract, you need to very briefly explain how you went literature review computer performance evaluatio answering your research questions.

In other words, what research absrract and methodology you adopted in your research.]

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